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Debunking the Myths of Cloud Email Security

Posted by : on Mar 12,2019 10:50 AM

The cloud is a much talked about topic nowadays, especially when a large number of businesses have been moving their data online, it has become vitally important for cloud computing and security to stay.

When it comes to cloud computing, the benefits are hard to ignore. Some of which are flexibility, data security, minimized risks, constant maintenance, etc. that enable the cloud to manage your business efficiently.  

Now that you are well aware of its benefits but you are still hesitating to move your data citing some security issues involved in running your email from on-premises to the cloud, shifting marketing and transactional email from on-premises systems to cloud-based email delivery service is the most prominent example of this challenge.

Here is the perfect time to debunk these common myths. Take a look at the findings in which the experts combat these misconceptions and clear the most common myths:

  • Cloud Data Is Inherently Insecure:

The biggest myth that refuses to die is that the "Cloud Security is Unsafe". People from the non-It background disbelieve the fact that data beyond their physical reach can be safe. They are still unaware that the traditional methods of storing data; that is the premise is not the best way to protect it. The cloud storage has the highest form of defense in the form of stable governance, strict access rights, and diligent monitoring, this being the primary reason for deploying it.

When talking about the security in email services, the configuration and practice are much more important than the system architecture. Email list Checker, Bulk Email Verification and Bulk Email Validator; and Centralized Attachment Scanning and Blocking, Ease of Auditing and Monitoring are benefits that Cloud bestows upon the security administrators.

  • You Will Lose Your Data If You Move It To Cloud:

The organization employing cloud email security say that the customer controls the cloud infrastructure, email and associated data. Besides, data management remains with the customer irrespective of the hosting environment. The organization fears that they would not be able to track the performance of the third party providers and the use they put it to.  However, the in-house staff's work ensures the organization.

Conversely, if you practice good data management, encrypt volumes, have adequate backup and security, you certainly can achieve success in protecting your data.  The fundamental key is to educate your user base and stay alert to anything unusual and current attack trends.

  • One Doesn't Save Much Money By Moving To Cloud:

The biggest myth that the experts debunk is the costs of Cloud Security. Research suggests that it is a strategic win for the companies that send high volumes of commercial and transactional emails. The businesses sending over 750 million emails can save immensely, up to 40% by migrating their email infrastructure to cloud in comparison to the support adopted in-house of the company.

  • Cloud Is A Relatively New Technology:

A lot of people feel that it is hard to trust the evolving technology; the cloud is. However, not many people are aware that the cloud has been in existence for quite a long time that began in the 1950s. A good IT Support Service Provider will aware you of the industries employing the cloud-based solutions for increasing network security needs in comparison to human resource management. The cost and benefit of the email in the cloud is simple with other immense benefits of the new technology such as flexibility, scalability, shifting values and much more. Employing this new technology is a win-win example so far in the tech industry.

All businesses have different requirements, and there are no absolutes when it comes to cloud security. However, when we compare it with in-house storage solutions, cloud computing and security emerge as clear winners. Your business can attain reliability and security with cloud computing services.

With all the common myths debunked, it is the perfect time for you to take an informed decision of giving your business a full choice of security needs.